About Us

NYC-based Fulton & Gold occupies the corner of quirky and luxe as boldly as the intersection of its eponymous Financial District address.

Playful and fun, Fulton & Gold jewelry is crafted in the heart of the city, while channeling the soul of the beach. Detailed semiprecious jewelry designs are menageries of vibrant color and luxurious material, edgy mixes of metal and beading, leather and chain, punctuated with tassels, ostrich feathers, pom poms, crystals and more.

Wear one Fulton & Gold design at a time for strong singularity or combine pieces, layered in multiples, for wild-child whimsy. At accessible prices that complement a stylish woman’s wardrobe, Fulton & Gold completes a modern mystique at any age.




    Nurtured by a family of creative adventurers, Amanda recalls formative years spent cavorting across home-base Floridian beaches, crafting alongside her brothers, playing dress up in her grandmother’s closet. All inspired her unique creative aesthetic, encouraged by her grandmother’s shared love of jewelry and gem shows. After receiving a Master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University — the spirit of New Orleans heavily influencing her brightly-hued whimsical sensibilities — Amanda moved to New York City, serendipitously landing at the globally-recognized fashion label Calypso St. Barth.

    Her eye for color and detail, paired with Calypso’s entrepreneurial spirit, allowed all of Amanda’s worlds to collide and click. Working with designers as the firm’s head accessory and jewelry merchant prompted Amanda in the summer of 2014 to step out and form Fulton & Gold, christening her own venture from the crossroads of her new brand’s studio space and home. 



    Matt Grierson is responsible for Fulton & Gold's digital presence and online growth. Matt has worked across several different industries including antitrust, finance, insurance, and is currently a product manager in the advertising technology space. Matt's free time is spent between running, weight training, and exploring NYC.